Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My girl "G"

I don't know about other girls mom's but mine is the best! She is smart, fun, beautiful, loves the Lord, giving, caring, assertive, and she Loves me unconditionally. Growing up it was my hearts desire to be with my Mom and to make her pleased with me. Now that i am grown she is my best friend and I Love her so dearly. It scares me sometimes how much we are like one another.
As a mother myself now I have growing fears that my relationship with "G" will not turn out as my mother's and mine. I fear that she won't want to spend time with me when she is grown. That she just sees me as a strict Mom who fusses at her and doesn't let her do what she wants. I have been very convicted about this as of late. I feel like I need to take steps now to assure that we have a healthy Mother/Daughter relationship.
I was kept up all night Tuesday by an incident that had happened late that evening with G. She said something that was very troubling and I made her explain it to me so that I knew why she had said it. In getting this info from her I made her cry. It wasn't my goal but I NEEDED to know. It was a very serious matter and I needed the truth. But all night I thought, "she is scared of me, she doesn't feel safe with telling me things, I have failed". So in the morning I crawled into the bed with her and snuggled with her and assured her of my love and that she had not done anything wrong. That it was just Mommy's job to make sure she was safe and that was what I was doing. She seemed to understand and not think much of what had happened the night before at all.
I spoke with Hubby about my concerns and we decided I needed to do more with G one on one. To make more Mommy/Daughter time. Time where there was no room to be cleaned or brother to nag or task that Mommy had to tend to.
So I am taking G to get our nails done on Saturday. Nothing fancy, just a little time away just us girls to giggle and be ladies and bond. She is such a treasure to me and I want to communicate that to her without sounding like "lets be friends", because at this point she doesn't need a friend but a Mother. I am OPEN to all ideas and Godly advice to grow that special bond with her. I know the bond between Mother and Daughter is like NO other and I want to cultivate mine with G to make ours strong now and in the years to come. I ultimately know God is gracious and merciful and He hears my cries to Him and my plea's to be a Godly mother and to lead them in the way that brings Him the most glory. Because Ultimately that is all that matters.
Sorry for the venting session but my heart has been so heavy. Again I would love tips!

Beth Moore

Today was Day 1 of my new book "Jesus, 90 Days with the One and Only" by Beth Moore. A dear young lady from our church got it for me to participate in the group study some of her college friends and her are doing. I can't review the book just yet because i have only read the introduction and done the work for Day 1 but I did enjoy it very much. I must confess it might take me more than 90 days because I don't always find that precious moment to sit with my Savior as I should, but hopefully this book will give me more of an excuse to take that time that I should. One thought that was particularly profound to me today was...(not a direct quote but paraphrase) That when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to give her the news of her going to carry the Son of God and told her to name him Jesus. That was the first time that the Son of Gods name had been told to humanity. The first time that we as the human race had a personal name for our savior. I just thought that that was a special thought to cherish and hold on to.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Isn't this cute.

I know Christmas is over but I just found this AWESOME homemade felt Nativity on Blue Eyed Freckle. It is too cute. I am not sure they sell such cute felt in Pikeville Ky but I bet this is something easy G and J would like to help me with for next year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My hubby lost his Mother 2 1/2 years ago. We do everything we can to honor the memory of his mother in our home. We talk about "Grammy" and what a special woman she was. However our children will never have a memory of her. G was 2 when she passes and J was born a few days after she passed. That is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. She was so special and so talented. She loved her family dearly and I know she would have loved my kids.
One thing about Grammy was that she had the most perfect handwritting. Looking at a note that she just scribbled out quickly looked like something that would have taken days to make so perfect.
I came across this blog today and now I am on the hunt. I am going to find something she wrote that can be turned into an heirloom. I might not make a plate however I am thinking about something I can put in my kiddos rooms to remind them of her.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a...

We found out this morning we are having another baby boy. All looked well during the ultrasound. The tech even told us he has 10 fingers and 10 toes. I guess she was counting. J is happy, G would be happier if it were a girl. But I think she will come to enjoy the perks of being the only girl. Well, now that I know it is a boy I can stop stressing out over making up a girl name. We already knew what we would name a boy. So now we just have to wait another few months to meet this little man.
We are super excited!
We covet your prayers for a healthy baby and an EASY delivery!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eating update

My kids are eating better!

The list of newly tried and LIKED foods:
Lima Beans (gasp)
Green beans
Mashed potatoes (J doesn't like)
and many more I can't think of right now.

Things are going well. I still have to force food, but the rules are holding and we are making progress. G is doing really well and I know she just has a fear of trying the food for the first time. But so far she hasn't eaten something she hasn't liked.
Mommy even took a dose of her own medicine. I ATE PEAS. I forced myself to try them for the first time since childhood. They are the only food I don't eat, but I did try and decided they are not as gag worthy as I remember. However I am not fixing them and won't eat them regularly.
Thanks all for your encouragements in the eating department. It is nice to know I am not the only one with kids who don't like to eat.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lauren...This one's for you.

New pics a sweet friend took for our family.

Made with Love

Found this Scarf for boys/men. I have been wanting to get/make a scarf for the men in my life but felt like my ideas were a little too girly. The scarf on the little boy looks very manly and I think I just added something to my Christmas to do list! Yay!

Traditions to Treasure

A few years ago I enjoyed reading Noel Piper's book "Treasuring God In Our Traditions". This gave way to a new focus in our home. Hubby and I try to bring the Gospel into everything we do in our home. Of course we are not always successful but we try. We do Bible time and Catechism questions every night with the kids. We do an Advent Calendar in December to count down the days to our Saviors birthday. Easter has us baking a resurrection cake on Easter that the kids love to decorate with an empty tomb. Reformation Day better known as Halloween we love to watch "Luther". These are just a few of the traditions we are trying to create in our home.
Hubby's Aunt has a really neat Tradition in her home. She has a Miniature case full of various items. Each item represents a time in their families lives where God has shown His lovingkindess, and grace to them. When someone notices the items and asks about them, that gives them the opportunity to share Christ. I just think that that is a wonderful reminder to always be looking for the ways God moves in our lives. Since I saw hers I have been on the hunt for a miniature shelf of my own.
I would love to hear your traditions NOT just holiday traditions.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Frozen meal anyone?

Our new addition is coming in May. I know I have pleanty of time to think about this but I want to be prepared. When we had G I had no idea how consumed with her I would be. I was unable to do much more than the essential in life inbetween nursing, changing, soothing. When J came things were a little better. I knew what to expect and we had a lot of sweet folks from our church bring us meals and it was a huge blessing. However, I am thinking ahead this time. I want to make lots of frozen meals ahead of time. I figure I will make them in my last trimester and freeze them for those first weeks of craziness. I have never done this before so I am lacking in the "frozen meal" recipe department. So if any of you have some Yummy, Kid friendly, Freezable meals you would like to share, I would love to have them. I found this one and am going to try it out this week.

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Rules!

Since the last food blog entry there have been some new rules put into place. They seem to be working!
1. Mom is only cooking 1 dinner per night! I mean it!
2. Kids must TRY everything on their plate.
3. Kids do not have to clean their plates. However if they want dessert they must eat everything on their plate.

So in the past week with the new rules in place this is how dinner went.
Day 1. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls, and edamame (the kids love it). G cried while eating her potatoes and didn't mind the meatloaf. However she cleaned her plate. J ate a few bites of edamame but didn't want anything else so he was forced to try. He then proceeded to gag and dry heave. It was a funny (but not funny) so I had to try not to laugh at him. He didn't get any goodies. G did and he was not happy about that.
Day 2. Cooked Asian noodles and chicken and egg rolls. Both kids cleared their plates. Seems weird but this is the dinner G requested. They both got one piece of there candy.
Day 3. Baked steak, rice, gravy, yeast rolls. G asked hubby, "Daddy will you please force this rice into my mouth?" However once she tasted it she liked it and asked for more. G cleared her plate. J Loved the steak and didn't want the rice but tried it and ate the required amount. He used to love rice but I guess he wasn't in the mood. G also ate 4 (small) yeast rolls. I though if she had a drink she might explode. That was prob. more food in her stomach then had ever been there before.

I think things are going well. I am not saying Great because I know I have a long road before I can just make dinner and have them eat it on their own. But it is an improvement on chicken nuggets every night.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am super excited to vote next week. I have looked forward to voting since I was a small child and the polls in our area had "kid polls" set up for me to vote. I got to vote in the 2000 presidential election and it truly made me feel like a grown up. It may seem silly but it is really fun to me. My hubby and I keep reminding each other that we are in KY not WV and we are voting for men we are not familiar with. We live so close to WV that we get their local channels on TV. We see all of the WV candidate commercials and ads. I hope I get the right name on Tuesday.
All that to say VOTE!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picky Eaters, HELP!!!

As a child I ate everything! I also like pretty much any and every food. I can only think of 2 that I didn't. Peas and raw tomatoes were the only things I couldn't stomach. My parents had a policy where I had to try everything @ least once. I wasn't allowed to say that I didn't like something unless I had tasted it.
My husband is a different story. He was VERY picky. He disliked more foods than he liked. His parents also had a policy about eating. He had to sit at the table till he ate dinner. This lead to many many hours at the dinner table for my hubby.
I have now been blessed with 2 picky eaters myself. I am sometimes embarrassed by my children lack of love for food. A sweet couple from the church took us out to dinner after church on Sunday and this is how it went.
G- ordered Mac and Cheese. They brought out this beautiful bowl of homemade Mac and cheese NOT the blue box version. My daughter doesn't taste it she just looks at it and announces "This is Gross!" So I give her some of my salad (plane iceberg) and she doesn't touch that either. She decides to have a biscuit with jelly. She then continues to eat the jelly off the top but doesn't touch the biscuit.
J- gets eggs and bacon. He does better than his sissy and eats his whole egg. He doesn't touch his bacon. The sweet couple who are treating us to lunch get concerned that he didn't have enough so they order some rolls. and he doesn't touch those. They make him some buttered crackers, and he doesn't take a single bite.
Both kids are more consumed with the crushed ice in their drinks than eating. As we are leaving the gentlemen with us says "we are going to have to do something to get them to eat more."
Where did I go wrong? I guess I haven't been as much of a stickler as my parents were in getting them to try new things. But they don't like anything!!! Not bread, not french fries, nor any other type of potatoes.
I welcome any advice or methods of feeding the picky. I wouldn't be too concerned about my kids lack of eating except that G is in the 10th percentile and J is in the 5th. Help!

Family Fall Festival

It has been a while since I have posted but I figured I should at least show my finished products for my families Fall Festival costumes. All are homemade except for Buzz. But I did make my Buzz a jet pack so he had some piece of homemade goodness.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The CURE has been found!!

I have been to numerous Doctors, and been on numerous medicines to no avail to cure this nasty "thrush". I have gone as far as setting up an appointment with an infectious disease dr. I was still no closer to feeling better than the day these nasty symptoms started.
My dear sweet Mommy has been searching high and low for a cure just like I have. And you would think that I would learn by now that Mothers are always right. But I was stubborn when she told me about a cure she had found. She had Apple Cider Vinegar suggested to her. When she told me about it I reminded her that my "Anti-Candida Diet" forbids vinegar. So I ignored her suggestion and went on my way suffering.
She did some research online and again suggested I try it. Apple cider vinegar is made a different way than other vinegars. So, I decided I was desperate and I would try it. I would try pretty much anything at this point. There have been quite a few suggestion from folks at church as well. Such as having a 7th son who has never seen his father blow into my mouth. Not joking!
So I got vinegar on Friday took my first dose that afternoon and guess what...I have been symptom free since. Hallelujah!!!! Can you believe it, Mommy was right!! So now I have 1 teaspoon 3 time a day and I am feeling like myself again.
Not surprising but ACV has many health benefits. It helps a lot with digestive health, and helps with skin problems such as eczema.
I have had that pressure in the back of my throat for so long and thought about it for so long I feel FREE! I can eat most anything I want and I don't have to worry is this going to "feed the yeast". I am so thankful for all of your prayers and encouragement.

Oh and I found out something else on Friday. Hubby and I will be expecting #3 in May! Yay!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thought this was a cute blog we could all use.

We browsing the various blogs I like to follow and found a link to this cute blog. Fashion for the Economically Challenged. The blogger photographs herself in her daily wear and dishes how much she spent for each item and where it is from. I know I am always standing back staring at my closet trying to find a new way to wear the pieces I have. I got several good ideas from her.


I am amazed at the number of friends I have had contact me over "thrush" or "thrash" as they call it here in Eastern Kentucky. I have heard from prob. 5 friends who have suffered from it. 2 of which had it OVER A YEAR! Shoot me now.
I am feeling a little better but still symptomatic when I eat or drink. It is like I am doing fine but then I swallow something and my throat is immediately on fire and pressure.
I am not a good "medicine taker" but boy I have been faithful with all my meds for this nasty thrush.
I also have advice for all you ladies out there who might suffer from thrush or a yeast infection after taking antibiotics. There is something you can do to prevent this mess! When the Dr. writes you a script for the antibiotic, go ahead and ask for a script for Diflucan. This will prevent you from ever even getting this problem. This was advice given to me from my Dentist and another friend who is a dental hygienist. Oh, woulda, coulda, shoulda!

PS My spit is still gross. Just in case you wanted to know. lol.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I think I am addicted to spitting in a cup now.

Well, I have been spitting in a cup everyday since Friday. My spit still does the gross "hanging thing" mentioned in the last post. I guess this Thrush has a huge hold on me and doesn't want to let go.
I updated my status on my Facebook page a little while ago. I had an old friend from high school comment on my status unexpectedly. I had mentioned I was going to a dentist tomorrow because I have completed all of the meds from the previous Dr. (guy who tried to kill me) and still have symptoms (hanging spit). She is in the dental field and wanted me to call her. So I did. She deals with Thrush a lot and had some great advice for me when I go to the Dentist tomorrow. She was super encouraging, and reafirmed in me that I am not crazy. I am suffering with a real condition. Isn't sad that I feel crazy from this sickness. Who would have thought being on an antibiotic, which is susposed to make you better when you are sick, is the very thing that has made me so sick. I feel crazy because I have been to 3 Dr's now and none of them have been sure about what I have. They agree my throat looks inflamed....but not sure what that means. I have been denied insurance over this "throat" issue. Thats right I was denied medical coverage because I was on previcid when the ENT thought it was reflux. I had to jump through many many many hoops to be accepted including riders on my policy to not cover me for reflux related issues. AND IT WASN"T EVEN REFLUX!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! ok better now.
Are Dr's not taught the cool spit trick in medical school? I am just wondering why none of them put the pieces together like being on anitbiotic, feeling better after taking the thrush meds the first time, previcid not helping. I mean a sweet lady from my church diagnosed me for crying out loud.
Ok, I am really off my soap box this time. I was simply going to say I feel so prepared for my dental appointment tomorrow because this sweet friend of mine took the time to talk to me. I am so thankful the Lord has put these people in my path to take me in the right direction. I am not sure where I would be had he not set that lunch date and I would probly get the run around tomorrow had I not had my friend talk to me tonight.
My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty there's nothing my God can not do...
Elshadi=Almighty God

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Go Spit in a Cup

This sounds really weird, I know but spitting in a cup has changed my life! I have been having some health issues for the last few months. It all started in April when I stopped nursing Jackson, got mastitis, and was put on antibiotics. A very very strong dose of antibiotics. Immediately I got this pressure in my throat but thought I was having a reaction to the meds. So the Dr. switched me to a different medicine and said I would feel better. I didn't. It just got worse. I never had trouble breathing, just an extreme pressure in my throat. I was getting hoarse and my throat always felt like it was dry and I needed to clear my throat but neither a drink or clearing it would give me relief. If you have been around me since then you have probably noticed me pulling at my throat or telling you how frustrated I am by this pressure! Sorry! It is all I can think about at times. So after 3 weeks of suffering with this problem I did some research online. I diagnosis myself with Thyroid Cancer (I am a hypochondriac which make this even worse). I got back to the Dr. He is baffled and says maybe it is Thrush. So I go on more meds. I started to feel a little better but not completely. So I go to another Dr., an ENT this time. I see the throat specialist. He says, "You have reflux". So I go on more meds. I NEVER believed it was reflux, I never ever have heartburn EVER! So I take the meds for over 2 months with NO relief. I AM CRAZY! What is wrong with me. I stopped the reflux meds (which gives you heartburn when you stop thank you very much) and I try to get into another Dr. We have just moved to KY so I don't have a Dr. to go to. I find one taking new patients and am scheduled to see him@ 2. A sweet lady at our church invited the kids and I to lunch that day so we went with her before my appointment. THIS IS THE GOOD PART!!! While at lunch we start talking about my problem, she says "YOU STILL HAVE THRUSH". I listen to her story, she suffered with the same mysterious symptoms for a year not long ago. She said what I was saying was identical to her story. She told me to put water by my bedside and in the morning "SPIT" in the cup. Crazy weird I know but it is a real way to diagnose thrush. So I went to the Dr. and lets just say that was an experience in itself. I felt like I was at the free clinic in the middle of nowhere! I am not trying to be critical but it was scary. He has pictures of himself dressed as Elvis EVERYWHERE!! I ask/tell him about it being thrush. He pretty much writes me off and says maybe it is so he writes me a prescription for meds. He also orders me a bunch of other tests, such as x-rays for herniated discs, blood work for thyroid and b12 deficiency and many more. By this time I am feeling SOOOOOO discouraged I want to cry. Why can't someone tell me what this is?
So I go to get my prescription filled at Wal*Mart. I wait 30 minutes in the store to get my meds and when I go to pick them up they say, I cant have them. The Dr. prescribed me 3 TIMES THE MAXIMUM DOSE! I cried, I wanted my medicine! I wanted relief! I tired all night and all morning to get the Dr. to fix HIS BIG TIME BOO BOO! He could have made me very sick had Wal*Mart not caught HIS huge mistake. THANK YOU WAL*MART!
Yesterday morning gave me my fist opportunity to spit in the cup. I was sceptical of this working. But I am willing to try anything and everything. So, I woke up, spit, and it did exactly what my church lady said it would if it were Thrush.
So I get the meds. yesterday around noon and had my first doses of my hopefully miracle serum. I am not better yet but I know I will be! Pray for me!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Day.

I did my first day of K-4 homeschooling with G today. It went well. She and I both had fun. For curriculum I am just using a bunch of early learning books that I have found. When we were done, and we had lunch I put the kids down for a nap and I decided I needed to do some true research for what I am going to do with her next year. I want to have a plan in place, books in hand, lesson plans made, and support groups in place. I have many friends who are homeschooling who have given me some great advice. My friend Julia who has a daughter in high school and a son I believe in 5th grade told me about "A Well Trained Mind". I went onto the site and did a lot of browsing and reading and praying. After reading this very informative blog I feel like I know what I want to teach and I know where to find it. I only skimmed the surface of the links and forums and curriculum available, but I have a better grasp on goals to shoot for. I was truly encouraged by a page of the website that described a day in the life of a homeschooling mom. It was encouraging because it was "normal". One mom describes her kid wanting to bring a toy to class, and being interrupted by a dirty diaper. These are the real moments that I am anticipating dealing with. Along with a clinging 2 year old who wants attention. There are even tips for that. I think I will be spending a lot of time on this site in the near future preparing for my journey ahead. G will be turning 5 in less than 2 months and that just sends dread to my heart that my baby girl is a big girl.
I have heard homeschooling described in terms of a tree. A "mother" oak hides her saplings under the protective shade of her her limbs and nurtures them till they are Strong and mature ready to be transplanted and stand on there own. My prayers is that I will be that protective shade for my children and that they will grow into mature, strong, Christ following adults. That is the "Goal"!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Have you heard of librivox?

In college I lived 6 hours from home. Just enough time to listen to an entire book on tape each way. I was totally addicted to them because I hate being in the car (ask my hubby). I am worse than a child. Books on tape were a lifesaver! I would go to Cracker Barrel and buy one on my way home, then on the way back they have an exchange program where you can trade it in and pay a couple of bucks for a new one. However I had a friend tell me about Librivox yesterday. These are FREE download able books!!! I haven't listened to one yet but I am so excited about this website. From what she said, the public reads a book that is out of circulation and uploads it to the website. The readers vary, some are monotone, some are theatrical. I am not sure what book is on my list first but I think I am going to go with a classic.

Do you know of any other cool websites that are a hidden treasure? Please Share!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great Read!

I just finished this great book by Francine Rivers. A Lineage of Grace. I love almost all of her books and this one was one of my favorites. It is a compilation of 5 shorter books into one. It is about the women in the lineage of Christ. Some of the women I had heard of but not given much thought and this book shed new light on them. They also opened my eyes to the way God used sinners and the least of us to accomplish His good work. The story of Tamar was my favorite.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A dress for G

I am attempting to make something close to this for G to wear for her 5th birthday. I think I am going to make a pillowcase dress instead of this style, but I want to replicate the ice cream cone applique on the front of the dress. I might to a cupcake with a candle instead. We will have to see how it goes. I hope to post a pic of the finished product soon!

Let Them Eat Woo Woo Cake!

While Grammie and Papa were here a couple of weeks ago we celebrated J boys birthday. Grammie made birthday cake with them. J wanted a Woo Woo cake. Translated that means a Dog cake. So I had found a dog cake in a magazine that showed you how to cut two 9 inch cakes to look like a Woo Woo. In the magazine they decorated it to look like a pink poodle. However J is much more into Dalmations. So, Grammie and the kids iced the cake in white icing and put chocolate covered marshmellows on as spots.
J had a great birthday and it was all the more sweet because we got to celebrate with Grammie and Papa. Next year he will be big enough to have a few friends over to celebrate with us. I hope Grammie and Papa with make it there too!

A-typical Mole watch

My Mom had a great idea! Which is not uncommon for her. G has an A-typical mole on her head. We had it look at by a dermatologist just to make sure it didn't need to be removed. He told us it was fine but to keep an eye on it to see if it changes in anyway. It is not in a place that is visible all the time so I don't always think about it. I don't always remember exactly how it looks and how big it is either. So my Mom suggested I take a picture of it next to a ruler. That way we have a definite color, shape, size to go by and we will know if it changes. She is so smart!

The Challenge

My Sister in law has set a challenge this week for herself and challenged her followers to join in. She is trying to craft as much as possible this week before she has to start homeschooling her two boys next month. She is working like a mad woman even causing harm to her own body. She has done an amazing job on all her projects. I am not as gifted as she is in my ability to sew. Most of the time I just pretend like I know what I am doing and it turns out pretty well. I don't know how to sew using a pattern I just make up my own pattern. My mother tried to teach me when I was younger and I couldn't pay attention long enough to grasp the concept.
I joined in her challenge over the last few days and I have a few pictures of my projects. For our church's fall festival our family is going to dress up as Toy Story characters so I got started on those costumes. I have made a Woody vest and a pair of chaps for Jesse. I have also sewn a Buzz Lightyear pillowcase (not pictured). I made G a few new hair bows. G's favorite is the blue one. She likes it because I used a button on it from the dress our late Grammy Smith wore on my wedding day. I like the pink and black one the best, and I think the cupcake turned our nice too. Maybe I can make a few more crafts before the week is up.

My VBS Classroom

Vacation Bible School was a...busy week. I worked with the 2,3,&4 year old children. God was gracious and provided me with the patience needed although I was tested many times. I think the kids had a great time, and I did my best to make the gospel clear. I tried to make it all about Christ and not just a moralistic story. Although some of the lessons provided by Lifeway never mentioned Jesus or his sacrifice on the cross for sinners. I think sometimes people think that you have to water down the gospel for children but I am not one of them. They understand way more than we give them credit for. It will be the spirits work to reveal the Gospel to them not mine. I know the seeds were planted and if the spirit chooses to move on the hearts of those precious children He will change them.

These are some pics of my classroom. The kids had a good time sitting around our fire pit every night for our story. We went fishing in our stream, and they put the leaves on our tree. You can also see our "pet" horses, only one of them was named during the week and that was by G. She named one Belle.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toy bins

I used to have a small book shelf for each with bins to organize their toys into. However, after cleaning up their room too many times to count I decided we needed to simplify. So we got two large bins and let the kids decorate them. We found wall paper flowers that looked shabby chic for G and WVU stickers for J boy. The kids had a great time decorating them. Even better now they are able to throw all the toys in one spot without needing help.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Saddle Ridge Ranch

I am who The Great I Am says I am.
I am one of His greatest creations.
He says that I am remarkably wonderfully made.
And I am who He says I am.

This is a line from one of the Vacation Bible School Songs that we will be teaching the kids this week. It is stuck in my head. But it is a wonderful reminder to me that The Great I Am loves me and created me in His image. I pray that this truth will seep into the hearts of the children and The Spirit of the Lord will move on their hearts and change them.
Pray for our church, the kids, and the parents that are involved in our VBS. Pray Christ will be Glorified and that we will make the Gospel CLEAR!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Oh just found this. I think the little cowboys and cowgals would love to make these. I am not sure what to use for for hammers and chizzels. Maybe I will send the kids home with their treasure rocks.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am teaching 2,3,&4 year olds VBS in a week. I have to decorate my class room in a Western/Cowboy/Dude Ranch Theme. I welcome any ideas you might have to make this a toddler friendly fun room.
I have a few things together all ready. I have made a fire pit and i am making a river with fish. I also bought a rope and tied several loops in it (calling it a lasso) for the kids to hold onto as we got to different stations. I wanted to make swinging doors like a salon would have but I am not sure tape and cardboard would hold up through a week of kids hanging on them.


Monday, June 21, 2010

20 days!

Moved in!!!! It has been 20 days since I have really been online. Wow that is a record for me in my adult life. I am so used to having access right at my fingertips at any moment. But moving, and the craziness life has thorwn in the last 6 weeks has left me with little time for some of the things I enjoy. I hope to get my world back together and I look forward to catching up with the blogging world. I feel like I miss so much if I don't get on everyday, much less 20.
We have settled into our new home and have most everthing unpacked. I got my china cabnet filled today. I am so excited about that! My parents drove it up 14 hours in the back end of their truck. Which they drove off of the train tracks in front of my house as they were pulling in. God was gracious and they were not stuck or hurt. It gave me a heart attack and I still feel sick when I think about it.
They also drove up my son's bunk bed, and a pink mustang power wheel car for G and J. I know pink isn't his color but he loves being driven by G. He controls the music and throws it in reverse every now and then to spice things up.
J's b-day feel the day after we moved so we had a party for him this week. Hopefully he is not scarred for life about the late party. I think 2 is still too young to know what is really going on but he enjoyed his party (pics to come).
All in all I am ready for some normality and routine and structure. I always thought my routine was pretty loose, but it's not. I am way more structured than I realized. Our kids have only been to bed on time once since we moved. It makes me frightened for when I have to restucture their lives. J is taking 2 naps a day right now (which I don't mind) but he is sooooo whinny. Pray for strength for me and understanding from them.
Hopefully we wont be moving again anytime soon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last Sunday

I woke up in a panic this morning. I was dreaming about packing. Which by the way we haven't packed a single box as of yet. We have been waiting on a few quotes by moving companies. In my dream I was looking at all of my stuff and trying to figure out the number of boxes it would have to fit into. I am really ready to get this show on the road.
Sunday our church was so precious. They allowed my hubby the Sunday School hour to just speak a little bit about he process we had gone through with the new church. Then after Andy preached they had a Fellowship dinner for us. One of the dear saints in the church made a beautiful quilt for us. She had allowed people to sign the quilt with wonderful words of encouragement for us. It is a precious treasure. Also they found a piece of art that looks similar to the view outside our kitchen window here @ E**** Estates. It will go perfectly in our new home on our mantle.
The day was full of tears and wonderful words of encouragement.
Grace Chapel is truly a unique church. I will always think of it as home. They have taught me so many things but most of all they have adorned the gospel in such a way that it is fresh air to the believer. They have truly been the bride of Christ in the beautiful unity they have. I look forward to spending eternity with these believers worshiping our Savior together.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tee Pee

Just browsing a few blogs and found this. What a cool idea for a reading corner! I can think about a million and a half ways to use this cool DIY Tee Pee. I love utilizing the great ideas of others.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A bow for G girl

G gets a little jealous when I make bows and gifts for others. After the proper encouragement that Sharing is what God has commanded us to do, and that it is part of "loving" our neighbors as yourself, she understood. She still wanted some new bows for herself.
I decided she needed a little prize after being sick for a week. She was a trooper having a stomach bug, and a fever, and having her parents drag her around the country. At one point we were out to dinner with some folks from the new church and G just laid her head on the table and went to sleep. My poor girl.
So, I made her these. She was over joyed!

Flowers in her hair.

This is one of the flower girls in the hair bows I made. She is so precious. She made it down the isle with her giraffe in hand!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Vote is in.

We were voted in on Sunday. My hubby is the new Pastor @ Grace Baptist in Pikeville, KY. We found a house to rent. We are hoping it will be ready for us to move into by his first Sunday which is the 6th of June. I guess I am pretty excited because I went out and bought a cowboy hat for VBS. The theme this year is Western. I got bandannas for the kids and hubby. J got a hat as well but G didn't want one. J looks very cute in it.
Let the packing begin.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Vote.

Please be in prayer for my family this weekend. We will be in Pikeville. Andy is preaching Sunday with a vote to follow, to determine if he will be the new pastor at Grace Baptist Church. If he gets the job our family will be moving pretty quickly to Pikeville KY.
I am excited and nervous about this weekend. However, I am truly in morning over leaving Grace Chapel. It will be very hard. I have already broken down a number of times, and just the thought of saying goodbye tears at my heart. I know my husband and I are being obedient to the Will of God, but that doesn't make it an easy thing to do. Everyone says they will visit us down there. I am holding ALL of you to your word!

2 years

My sister said it so beautifully!
While my family was by Mindy's side for her final hours I was unable to be there. I was 38 weeks pregnant. I was in West Virginia while everyone else including my husband was in Alabama. I was too far along to travel, yet my heart was torn. I wanted to be there and be supportive and be able to say my good-byes but God had a different plan. I stayed with a family friend just in case my time came. I carried the cell phone around for any morsel of news there was.
The scene Amy laid out so beautifully, I fear would have been too much for me to bare. I might not have been able to keep it together. I am thankful my final memories of Mindy are of a time where she felt a little better. We went down in Feb. 2008 and she was having a really good day. So good in fact that she felt like going shopping. We went to some little boutiques downtown and we even managed to get a nail in our tire. I treasure these memories of her. Mindy found out she was sick a few months after our little girl was born. We lived so far away and she was on chemo and sick all of the time it was hard to visit. I think that she didn't want her kids to see her that way. She was in so much pain and sick from all the meds she spent most of her time asleep on the couch. This is such a dramatic difference from what she usually did. Mindy was never idle. She was always working on a quilt or a craft, or cooking, or baking. She was the picture of a proverbs 31 woman. She was submissive and gentle. Meek and kind. I am so privileged to be her daughter. She never called me her daughter in law. I was a part of the family. I was loved and accepted joyfully into her family. Who could dream for more.
My son was born 3 weeks after Mindy passed. She never laid eyes on my son but she had had a baby that look just like him. J is a spitting image of his daddy. Mindy always said my husband was the most loving, cuddly little boy. And my son is exactly the same way. He would rather be cuddling me than most anything else. Except for maybe chewing "na na" (gum). I know she would have been over the moon for him. Just like she was with all of her grandchildren.
We talk about Grammy Smith often to our children. She will always be their Grammy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I went to the ENT today for my "throat" issue. He looked down my throat with a little mirror and held my tongue out and told me to say "eeeeee". That is hard to do. Go ahead try it. See, it is hard. However, he looked and I a thankful to say he didn't see much. He was not concerned about it being my thyroid (which was my fear). He said my throat was a little inflamed and thought it might be acid reflux. So I am starting some meds to treat that. We are praying for this to just take away all of the issues I am having. I was so relieved that there was nothing major going on. I am cutting out the acidic foods for now, sniff sniff. Bye Bye Mexican, Italian, coffee, oranges, and all other yummy things containing acid. At least for now.
God is so good to me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Reminder of God's Goodness unto me.

I have just been sitting her reading my friends blog that I recently discovered. I worked with her briefly @ the Seminary. My co-worker and I were fast friends with her. She has an amazing humor about her. She just makes you feel like being sarcastic (in a good way).
As I was reading her blog, I was flooded with gratefulness for God's grace for His children. She shares in her blog about her struggle with trying to conceive a baby, and now struggling with postpartum depression. She is so "real" and honest. I was reminded that God has given each of us trials to go through. He has also seen us through each one and strengthened us by them.
Sometimes when we are in the midst of the "storm" we think that this is the worse thing that could happen. Or we look @ our neighbor's storm and think, I couldn't endure that. God is sufficient! He will supply All our needs. Oh, what a BIG God we have. If we but call upon Him.

For we have not a high priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come BOLDLY unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in our time of need.
Hebrew 4:15,16

Recently, I have been having some issues with my throat. I of course have been googling it. So, I think I have something terrible. That is just how my mind works. In reality I might have something wrong with my thyroid that could be easily treated. But, things can get so big in your mind, and you can become so focused on self and fears and the what if's, that I forget God. I forget His goodness, and His mercy, and His grace. I forget His promises, and His love for me that I am not deserving of. Yet, while I was yet a sinner Christ died for me. I know he has allowed this storm, I know he is pleading for me, I know he will strengthen me though it.
I am resting on God's word and His promises.
Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds though Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6,7

I am seeing the Dr. today about my throat and I am resting.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EATable Art.

Painting bread was so much fun and super easy! I took 2 egg yolks, added a splash of water. Whisked them together and poured the egg wash into my empty egg carton.

We then selected what colors we wanted to make our "paint". A few drops of food coloring in each. (good lesson on primary colors was given to G)
Then we just painted away on our bread.

You can also paint cookie dough before baking it. Once the master pieces were complete we stuck them under the broiler for a minute to toast them up.

Looks good enough to eat.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is in the works!

Found this and I can't wait to make it. When Andy gets off of work I am going to ask for an old shirt of his and whip this up. I wonder if I can make one in my size, I know it would only be a shirt, not a dress but it is too cute!

My Mother's Day Gift

G made me the most precious gift for Mother's Day. She had me draw a flower on a piece of paper and then she asked for her crafting box. I have a box full of ribbon scraps, beads, feathers and other goodies that are hers to use. She went off into the kitchen and told me "don't peek Mom". I obeyed, even though I love to peek. She hid the picture when she was done. Mother's Day morning I was awakened by a slap in the face from J and a "Happy Mother's Day from G. She quickly ran to get her picture she made me. I think it is great! I plan to frame this one. She is so crafty!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

When I was a kid, I thought my mom was the best! I always tired to express that in my mother's day cards. "Your the best Mom in the whole world" was a common line to be found on my gifts to her. Yet, I feel she never knew how appreciated she truly was. She made me feel loved, and secure. She was warm and kind. She was firm yet gentle. She truly is "The best Mom in the whole world".
Now that I am a mom myself, I am flooded with fears that my kids will think I am too firm, or they will think I didn't love them enough. I pray that I can give my kids the same security I felt as a child. I pray that they KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I LOVE THEM. I pray that someday I will be for my kids the kind of mom that I had.
Thanks Mom for being "The Best Mom in the Whole World!"

A little fun with friends

I remember vividly as a child my brother and I playing with a refrigerator box and taking turns sleeping in it @ night. I broke my arm one night and I missed my turn to sleep in the box. It was very disappointing for a 5 year old.
My kids were playing @ a friends house and they had a BIG box that their kids had decorated and made into a fort. All 5 kids had a grand time playing in this makeshift toy. I need to remind myself occassionally that kids imaginations need to be set free to make up their own games. It doesn't always have to be a conventional toy that they have the most fun with. Rocks, sticks, mud, and cardboard boxes are sometimes the most fun!