Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Traditions to Treasure

A few years ago I enjoyed reading Noel Piper's book "Treasuring God In Our Traditions". This gave way to a new focus in our home. Hubby and I try to bring the Gospel into everything we do in our home. Of course we are not always successful but we try. We do Bible time and Catechism questions every night with the kids. We do an Advent Calendar in December to count down the days to our Saviors birthday. Easter has us baking a resurrection cake on Easter that the kids love to decorate with an empty tomb. Reformation Day better known as Halloween we love to watch "Luther". These are just a few of the traditions we are trying to create in our home.
Hubby's Aunt has a really neat Tradition in her home. She has a Miniature case full of various items. Each item represents a time in their families lives where God has shown His lovingkindess, and grace to them. When someone notices the items and asks about them, that gives them the opportunity to share Christ. I just think that that is a wonderful reminder to always be looking for the ways God moves in our lives. Since I saw hers I have been on the hunt for a miniature shelf of my own.
I would love to hear your traditions NOT just holiday traditions.


  1. Yay! A post! And a new picture! You all look fantastic as always! Oh, I have so many questions for you - like how are you feeling, etc! :) I will have to call you soon! If your number is not what it was when you lived here, message me your new one :)

    Also, I love Noel's book, too. We do the advent calendar as well, and the week before Christmas we spend each night after dinner reading part of the Christmas story and lighting another candle to show the light of the world coming :) and add the appropriate characters to the manger scene. When the kids wake up Christmas morning, Jesus is in the manger and all candles are lit and we read about the Light of the World come to earth :)

    We also are instituting a family night of driving around in our pjs looking for lights, sheerly for the joy of it :)

    Keep passing on the good ideas! xoxo

    AND - have you ever read the book Come Thou Long Expected Jesus? Check it out if you don't already have it!

  2. Miss you so much Lauren! I have a bunch of new pics to post. I will do it now just to share with you! I will look for the book you suggested Thursday. We will be going to Charleston. We don't have a bookstore here so maybe I will find it while I am out. Love the pj tradition. I am all for spending as much time in jammies as possible.
    The preg. is going well. I find out the sex on Monday so check in to see. My number is the same! Call anytime!