Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Paint Pikeville Pink

Hubby ran in the Paint Pikeville Pink 5k in memory of his Mommy. The kids and I walked...well, I walked and the kids got pushed! I could hardly walk afterward from my hipflexers being so sore from steering the double stroller. We had a blast and Hubby was in the top 20. He ran a 5k 2 weeks later and got 2nd place. I am so proud of him! I think he looks good in Pink! ;)

before and after

Just a brief before and after. My husband and I have debated when to cut our baby boys hair. We were torn because it was so beautiful, and it just gave him so much personality. He was a spectacle. You don't see a five month old with hair on his shoulders everyday. About a week ago hubby woke up and thought our little girl was laying next to him because he had long flowing hair in his face. It was our baby boy. I cut his hair that night. In the bumbo seat on the bathroom counter. He didn't like it! He hardly fits in the seat to begin with but he kept throwing his whole body backwards in protest. But I got it done, and I think he looks so cute! I know I am partial.