Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thought this was a cute blog we could all use.

We browsing the various blogs I like to follow and found a link to this cute blog. Fashion for the Economically Challenged. The blogger photographs herself in her daily wear and dishes how much she spent for each item and where it is from. I know I am always standing back staring at my closet trying to find a new way to wear the pieces I have. I got several good ideas from her.


I am amazed at the number of friends I have had contact me over "thrush" or "thrash" as they call it here in Eastern Kentucky. I have heard from prob. 5 friends who have suffered from it. 2 of which had it OVER A YEAR! Shoot me now.
I am feeling a little better but still symptomatic when I eat or drink. It is like I am doing fine but then I swallow something and my throat is immediately on fire and pressure.
I am not a good "medicine taker" but boy I have been faithful with all my meds for this nasty thrush.
I also have advice for all you ladies out there who might suffer from thrush or a yeast infection after taking antibiotics. There is something you can do to prevent this mess! When the Dr. writes you a script for the antibiotic, go ahead and ask for a script for Diflucan. This will prevent you from ever even getting this problem. This was advice given to me from my Dentist and another friend who is a dental hygienist. Oh, woulda, coulda, shoulda!

PS My spit is still gross. Just in case you wanted to know. lol.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I think I am addicted to spitting in a cup now.

Well, I have been spitting in a cup everyday since Friday. My spit still does the gross "hanging thing" mentioned in the last post. I guess this Thrush has a huge hold on me and doesn't want to let go.
I updated my status on my Facebook page a little while ago. I had an old friend from high school comment on my status unexpectedly. I had mentioned I was going to a dentist tomorrow because I have completed all of the meds from the previous Dr. (guy who tried to kill me) and still have symptoms (hanging spit). She is in the dental field and wanted me to call her. So I did. She deals with Thrush a lot and had some great advice for me when I go to the Dentist tomorrow. She was super encouraging, and reafirmed in me that I am not crazy. I am suffering with a real condition. Isn't sad that I feel crazy from this sickness. Who would have thought being on an antibiotic, which is susposed to make you better when you are sick, is the very thing that has made me so sick. I feel crazy because I have been to 3 Dr's now and none of them have been sure about what I have. They agree my throat looks inflamed....but not sure what that means. I have been denied insurance over this "throat" issue. Thats right I was denied medical coverage because I was on previcid when the ENT thought it was reflux. I had to jump through many many many hoops to be accepted including riders on my policy to not cover me for reflux related issues. AND IT WASN"T EVEN REFLUX!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! ok better now.
Are Dr's not taught the cool spit trick in medical school? I am just wondering why none of them put the pieces together like being on anitbiotic, feeling better after taking the thrush meds the first time, previcid not helping. I mean a sweet lady from my church diagnosed me for crying out loud.
Ok, I am really off my soap box this time. I was simply going to say I feel so prepared for my dental appointment tomorrow because this sweet friend of mine took the time to talk to me. I am so thankful the Lord has put these people in my path to take me in the right direction. I am not sure where I would be had he not set that lunch date and I would probly get the run around tomorrow had I not had my friend talk to me tonight.
My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty there's nothing my God can not do...
Elshadi=Almighty God

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Go Spit in a Cup

This sounds really weird, I know but spitting in a cup has changed my life! I have been having some health issues for the last few months. It all started in April when I stopped nursing Jackson, got mastitis, and was put on antibiotics. A very very strong dose of antibiotics. Immediately I got this pressure in my throat but thought I was having a reaction to the meds. So the Dr. switched me to a different medicine and said I would feel better. I didn't. It just got worse. I never had trouble breathing, just an extreme pressure in my throat. I was getting hoarse and my throat always felt like it was dry and I needed to clear my throat but neither a drink or clearing it would give me relief. If you have been around me since then you have probably noticed me pulling at my throat or telling you how frustrated I am by this pressure! Sorry! It is all I can think about at times. So after 3 weeks of suffering with this problem I did some research online. I diagnosis myself with Thyroid Cancer (I am a hypochondriac which make this even worse). I got back to the Dr. He is baffled and says maybe it is Thrush. So I go on more meds. I started to feel a little better but not completely. So I go to another Dr., an ENT this time. I see the throat specialist. He says, "You have reflux". So I go on more meds. I NEVER believed it was reflux, I never ever have heartburn EVER! So I take the meds for over 2 months with NO relief. I AM CRAZY! What is wrong with me. I stopped the reflux meds (which gives you heartburn when you stop thank you very much) and I try to get into another Dr. We have just moved to KY so I don't have a Dr. to go to. I find one taking new patients and am scheduled to see him@ 2. A sweet lady at our church invited the kids and I to lunch that day so we went with her before my appointment. THIS IS THE GOOD PART!!! While at lunch we start talking about my problem, she says "YOU STILL HAVE THRUSH". I listen to her story, she suffered with the same mysterious symptoms for a year not long ago. She said what I was saying was identical to her story. She told me to put water by my bedside and in the morning "SPIT" in the cup. Crazy weird I know but it is a real way to diagnose thrush. So I went to the Dr. and lets just say that was an experience in itself. I felt like I was at the free clinic in the middle of nowhere! I am not trying to be critical but it was scary. He has pictures of himself dressed as Elvis EVERYWHERE!! I ask/tell him about it being thrush. He pretty much writes me off and says maybe it is so he writes me a prescription for meds. He also orders me a bunch of other tests, such as x-rays for herniated discs, blood work for thyroid and b12 deficiency and many more. By this time I am feeling SOOOOOO discouraged I want to cry. Why can't someone tell me what this is?
So I go to get my prescription filled at Wal*Mart. I wait 30 minutes in the store to get my meds and when I go to pick them up they say, I cant have them. The Dr. prescribed me 3 TIMES THE MAXIMUM DOSE! I cried, I wanted my medicine! I wanted relief! I tired all night and all morning to get the Dr. to fix HIS BIG TIME BOO BOO! He could have made me very sick had Wal*Mart not caught HIS huge mistake. THANK YOU WAL*MART!
Yesterday morning gave me my fist opportunity to spit in the cup. I was sceptical of this working. But I am willing to try anything and everything. So, I woke up, spit, and it did exactly what my church lady said it would if it were Thrush.
So I get the meds. yesterday around noon and had my first doses of my hopefully miracle serum. I am not better yet but I know I will be! Pray for me!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Day.

I did my first day of K-4 homeschooling with G today. It went well. She and I both had fun. For curriculum I am just using a bunch of early learning books that I have found. When we were done, and we had lunch I put the kids down for a nap and I decided I needed to do some true research for what I am going to do with her next year. I want to have a plan in place, books in hand, lesson plans made, and support groups in place. I have many friends who are homeschooling who have given me some great advice. My friend Julia who has a daughter in high school and a son I believe in 5th grade told me about "A Well Trained Mind". I went onto the site and did a lot of browsing and reading and praying. After reading this very informative blog I feel like I know what I want to teach and I know where to find it. I only skimmed the surface of the links and forums and curriculum available, but I have a better grasp on goals to shoot for. I was truly encouraged by a page of the website that described a day in the life of a homeschooling mom. It was encouraging because it was "normal". One mom describes her kid wanting to bring a toy to class, and being interrupted by a dirty diaper. These are the real moments that I am anticipating dealing with. Along with a clinging 2 year old who wants attention. There are even tips for that. I think I will be spending a lot of time on this site in the near future preparing for my journey ahead. G will be turning 5 in less than 2 months and that just sends dread to my heart that my baby girl is a big girl.
I have heard homeschooling described in terms of a tree. A "mother" oak hides her saplings under the protective shade of her her limbs and nurtures them till they are Strong and mature ready to be transplanted and stand on there own. My prayers is that I will be that protective shade for my children and that they will grow into mature, strong, Christ following adults. That is the "Goal"!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Have you heard of librivox?

In college I lived 6 hours from home. Just enough time to listen to an entire book on tape each way. I was totally addicted to them because I hate being in the car (ask my hubby). I am worse than a child. Books on tape were a lifesaver! I would go to Cracker Barrel and buy one on my way home, then on the way back they have an exchange program where you can trade it in and pay a couple of bucks for a new one. However I had a friend tell me about Librivox yesterday. These are FREE download able books!!! I haven't listened to one yet but I am so excited about this website. From what she said, the public reads a book that is out of circulation and uploads it to the website. The readers vary, some are monotone, some are theatrical. I am not sure what book is on my list first but I think I am going to go with a classic.

Do you know of any other cool websites that are a hidden treasure? Please Share!