Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I think I am addicted to spitting in a cup now.

Well, I have been spitting in a cup everyday since Friday. My spit still does the gross "hanging thing" mentioned in the last post. I guess this Thrush has a huge hold on me and doesn't want to let go.
I updated my status on my Facebook page a little while ago. I had an old friend from high school comment on my status unexpectedly. I had mentioned I was going to a dentist tomorrow because I have completed all of the meds from the previous Dr. (guy who tried to kill me) and still have symptoms (hanging spit). She is in the dental field and wanted me to call her. So I did. She deals with Thrush a lot and had some great advice for me when I go to the Dentist tomorrow. She was super encouraging, and reafirmed in me that I am not crazy. I am suffering with a real condition. Isn't sad that I feel crazy from this sickness. Who would have thought being on an antibiotic, which is susposed to make you better when you are sick, is the very thing that has made me so sick. I feel crazy because I have been to 3 Dr's now and none of them have been sure about what I have. They agree my throat looks inflamed....but not sure what that means. I have been denied insurance over this "throat" issue. Thats right I was denied medical coverage because I was on previcid when the ENT thought it was reflux. I had to jump through many many many hoops to be accepted including riders on my policy to not cover me for reflux related issues. AND IT WASN"T EVEN REFLUX!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! ok better now.
Are Dr's not taught the cool spit trick in medical school? I am just wondering why none of them put the pieces together like being on anitbiotic, feeling better after taking the thrush meds the first time, previcid not helping. I mean a sweet lady from my church diagnosed me for crying out loud.
Ok, I am really off my soap box this time. I was simply going to say I feel so prepared for my dental appointment tomorrow because this sweet friend of mine took the time to talk to me. I am so thankful the Lord has put these people in my path to take me in the right direction. I am not sure where I would be had he not set that lunch date and I would probly get the run around tomorrow had I not had my friend talk to me tonight.
My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty there's nothing my God can not do...
Elshadi=Almighty God


  1. Good luck at the dr Corie :) I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of these run-a-rounds!

  2. Thanks Jaqui! It is true when they say To be your own advocate!

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