Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Rules!

Since the last food blog entry there have been some new rules put into place. They seem to be working!
1. Mom is only cooking 1 dinner per night! I mean it!
2. Kids must TRY everything on their plate.
3. Kids do not have to clean their plates. However if they want dessert they must eat everything on their plate.

So in the past week with the new rules in place this is how dinner went.
Day 1. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls, and edamame (the kids love it). G cried while eating her potatoes and didn't mind the meatloaf. However she cleaned her plate. J ate a few bites of edamame but didn't want anything else so he was forced to try. He then proceeded to gag and dry heave. It was a funny (but not funny) so I had to try not to laugh at him. He didn't get any goodies. G did and he was not happy about that.
Day 2. Cooked Asian noodles and chicken and egg rolls. Both kids cleared their plates. Seems weird but this is the dinner G requested. They both got one piece of there candy.
Day 3. Baked steak, rice, gravy, yeast rolls. G asked hubby, "Daddy will you please force this rice into my mouth?" However once she tasted it she liked it and asked for more. G cleared her plate. J Loved the steak and didn't want the rice but tried it and ate the required amount. He used to love rice but I guess he wasn't in the mood. G also ate 4 (small) yeast rolls. I though if she had a drink she might explode. That was prob. more food in her stomach then had ever been there before.

I think things are going well. I am not saying Great because I know I have a long road before I can just make dinner and have them eat it on their own. But it is an improvement on chicken nuggets every night.

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  1. YAY! So encouraging. We've been there. It can be so frustrating, but sounds like you're getting a handle on it! Way to stick to your guns, mama. (and daddy)