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Mountain Mama!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picky Eaters, HELP!!!

As a child I ate everything! I also like pretty much any and every food. I can only think of 2 that I didn't. Peas and raw tomatoes were the only things I couldn't stomach. My parents had a policy where I had to try everything @ least once. I wasn't allowed to say that I didn't like something unless I had tasted it.
My husband is a different story. He was VERY picky. He disliked more foods than he liked. His parents also had a policy about eating. He had to sit at the table till he ate dinner. This lead to many many hours at the dinner table for my hubby.
I have now been blessed with 2 picky eaters myself. I am sometimes embarrassed by my children lack of love for food. A sweet couple from the church took us out to dinner after church on Sunday and this is how it went.
G- ordered Mac and Cheese. They brought out this beautiful bowl of homemade Mac and cheese NOT the blue box version. My daughter doesn't taste it she just looks at it and announces "This is Gross!" So I give her some of my salad (plane iceberg) and she doesn't touch that either. She decides to have a biscuit with jelly. She then continues to eat the jelly off the top but doesn't touch the biscuit.
J- gets eggs and bacon. He does better than his sissy and eats his whole egg. He doesn't touch his bacon. The sweet couple who are treating us to lunch get concerned that he didn't have enough so they order some rolls. and he doesn't touch those. They make him some buttered crackers, and he doesn't take a single bite.
Both kids are more consumed with the crushed ice in their drinks than eating. As we are leaving the gentlemen with us says "we are going to have to do something to get them to eat more."
Where did I go wrong? I guess I haven't been as much of a stickler as my parents were in getting them to try new things. But they don't like anything!!! Not bread, not french fries, nor any other type of potatoes.
I welcome any advice or methods of feeding the picky. I wouldn't be too concerned about my kids lack of eating except that G is in the 10th percentile and J is in the 5th. Help!

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  1. Don't feel bad - our kids are picky, too. We had to force Isabel to eat mac & cheese today! Our general rule is they have to take at least one bite of everything on their plate, and we call it the "no thank you" bite. They may say "no thank you," but they don't have to eat it all. It got so bad with Isabel that we actually discipline her now every time she says "I don't like that" before she even eats it. My only advice: find the healthy foods they actually like, load them up on those, and offer new foods all the time. I figure they have to like SOMETHING new eventually! My kids eat pretty much the same lunch every day, but it's usually healthy, so if they will eat it, I'm fine with that!! Hang in there - you're not alone! Maybe our families should go out to eat together, if we lived close and could find a restaurant that actually served food our kids would eat :)