Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EATable Art.

Painting bread was so much fun and super easy! I took 2 egg yolks, added a splash of water. Whisked them together and poured the egg wash into my empty egg carton.

We then selected what colors we wanted to make our "paint". A few drops of food coloring in each. (good lesson on primary colors was given to G)
Then we just painted away on our bread.

You can also paint cookie dough before baking it. Once the master pieces were complete we stuck them under the broiler for a minute to toast them up.

Looks good enough to eat.


  1. fun, corie! this pic of G reminds me of you.(i usually think she looks like andy)

  2. Thank you Gina, it is rare that I hear that. But I like it!