Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Monday, February 15, 2010

West Virginia Apron

Before Christmas I had to fix the curtains in my husbands office because they were about 3 feet too long. So after cutting them off and having a couple yards of nice blue fabric, I took some inspiration from The Sound of Music and made something new out of them. I made some Mountain State (WV) aprons. I gave 2 away as gifts I kept one for myself and G - got one as a gift as well. I can't say that this was an original idea, I saw a few of these in a small shop while traveling home from a visit with family over Thanksgiving. They were charging $45 for them and I knew I could make them myself. I didn't have a pattern to use, I just cut them the way I wanted them to look. My hubby actually got in on the project and drew the stencil for the state of West Virginia. He sketches it all the time so I knew he would be up for making it for me. He was really cute, because he wanted it to be perfect for me. Thanks sweetie!

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