Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea Set

G- got a tea set from her GREAT Aunt Shari for her birthday. It is super neat because you can paint it yourself.

G is just now to the point where she can follow directions (re:art). She is very interested in drawing. Her favorite things to draw are people and jewelry. Today she drew me the "hope diamond".
So, yesterday we decided to get out the tea set and add some color. J immediately broke one of the plates. However super glue will do the trick I am sure. G was NOT happy with him and kept telling me how mean it was of him.
G and I decided to make roses on the tea set, so I came up with a simple design that she needed very little help with. I did have to help with the swirl, but for the most part these were all her.
Here is our finished project and a few pictures of her in her "artist mode"

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  1. loved the tea set!!!!!!!!

    By the way the Potato cinnamon roll receipe looks delicious, are you going to make them for me?