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Mountain Mama!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Princess Party

G turned 4 in October and we had the most fun @ her Princess Party. I didn't have my blog back then to post my pics and idea's so I am doing it 4 months after the fact.
After going to many girlfriend's 4th birthday's she was hyped about her own. She debated the theme of the party for months. Indians, fairies, strawberry shortcake the list goes on and on. Finally she decided on Princesses. We had a princess party for her the year before so I was set on making it a little different.
In the invitation we told all the girls to dress as their favorite princess. To our surprise the day of the party we had a wide variety of princesses. Cinderella was the only repeat. Even some of the Queen's (moms) wore their crowns to the party.

I wanted to highlight all of the princesses in some way. I took classic games and gave them a twist.
We played Snow White's poison apple game or better known as "hot potato". I bought a fake apple at the craft store to be my "potato".
I changed the words to:
Poison Apple, Poison Apple
Pass on by
Poison Apple, Poison Apple
I might die.
To our delight Princess Snow White won this game. The kids wanted to play it again, and my kids still play this @home together. We gave out princess fruit snacks, candy bracelets, and ring pops as prizes.

For Jasmine, we had a Magic Carpet Ride "tire swing". I just draped the tire swing in a pink towel and employed one of the fathers to push. This was time consuming because only one princess could ride at a time. However the princesses were very patient and didn't mind waiting for their multiple turns.

Cinderella was the princess we used for our craft. We made Magic Pumpkin Picture frames. I pre-cut all the foam pieces for the Princesses and placed them in individual paper bags. I took photos of the princesses with the Birthday girl as they each arrived. So, in the Thank you notes we sent out we gave each girl a photo from the party to put in their Pumpkin Frames.

Another game we played was Aurora's Musical Thrones "Musical Chairs". We set up everything just the same as musical chairs however in the instructions we called it Musical Thrones. We played a CD of Princess Music put out by Disney. King Daddy was the D.J.

G's favorite Princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We decided to read her story. This was a very sweet part of the party. The princesses were very attentive. I was expecting a bunch of wiggling but they all sat sweetly together and helped me tell the story. Reading a story this way gives me great appreciation for my teachers in grade school. You almost have to know how to read upside down and backwards.

For our cake G decided on chocolate cupcakes with pink icing. We let G do the icing and sprinkles. I needed to stack them but I did't have a fancy cupcake stand so...I made my own. I used some candle sticks that have a wide base and my own dinner plates. I stacked them on top of each other to create height. I then turned a bowl upside down on the top plate to set the birthday girls cupcake on. I think it turned out pretty good. This would not have been the best idea if it had been within the kiddo's reach. I am sure it would have been knocked over had it been set on a lower table. But it did the trick.

Opening presents with kiddos can be a challenge but I have found a better way to do it. This is not an original idea, so I am not patting myself on the back. It really worked. We let each princess come up and sit by the birthday girl while she opened their present. This took care of recording the gifts as well because each girl had her pic taken with G and the opened gift she brought. They stayed seated and were attentive to the action waiting for their turn to help with the unwrapping. yay!
I had a really great time putting this party together and I can't wait till the next party. G just informed me that her next theme will be fairies (we will see about that).

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