Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Someone's in the Kitchen with Mama...

G and J are forever at my side doing or wanting to do everything I am. G wants to cook and to dust and to clean. I am encouraging these desires as much as possible. I enjoy her help and I enjoy seeing her feel like she has accomplished something when a chore is complete.
The kids were wanting to make dessert and I had very little in the house (due to all of the winter storms. I knew I had the makings for a semi homemade banana pie. J was my crust maker. He beat those graham crackers up to a pulp.

He also liked pressing them into my bowl. I would have let him use his hands but then most of the crust would have been in his mouth, so he used a spoon.

G got her first knife lesson. She cut the banana's into small slices. I got to teacher her some knife etiquette 101. She tired to keep her fingers curled in but that is a hard skill @4.

They both helped with the instant pudding and licking the spoons clean. Neither wanted to touch the slimy bananas to put them into the pudding. My kids are funny about dirty hands. So that was mommy's job.
Our pie turned out yummy and we had a very health goodie for dessert. Hopefully the things they are learning now will stay with them for life. I hope my daughter will continue to take pride in working hard in the home and someday be great at running her own. And hopefully J will be able to cook more for himself than Ramen, and toast.

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