Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Melt Downs

We have had a great melt down here in Preston County. Our huge piles of snow have turned to huge mud puddles. My kids LOVED splashing in them day after day. They seemed to grow and get more muddy by the day. Our shoes were a great display of the fun we had. J's shoes were about 6 sizes too big for him so he took a couple of nose dives into the mud but he didn't seem to mind (once his hands were cleaned off). G had no fear of getting dirty. I think it was just a wonderful release to get out of our house and get some fresh air.
Today it is so beautiful outside. We have temps in the 60's and it has dried out a little. The kids visited the horses down the hill and picked up sticks. We have missed the simple pleasures of the outdoors. Spring keep coming, we need more days like today.

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  1. ditto! yay for sticks and stones and muddy puddles.