Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Monday, March 1, 2010


So, I have never been sledding before...I don't count the one time in N.C. on a 10x10patch of snow . So, yesterday when my family and I were invited by our neighbors to join them for some sledding in the back yard down the hill, I was a little nervous. It was stinking cold! The snow was DEEP! So we trudged through the snow to get to the spot the boys had packed down. I was sure I wasn't going to do it. I am a fearful person remember. I watched my husband take my 4 year old down the hill, and they made it safely so I thought I might live through it. I took a chance, I did it! I LOVED IT! It was fun, freeing, and frightful at the same time. I must admit I screamed most of the way down. OK, the whole way down. I was covered in snow head to toe but I didn't feel the cold because I had the heat of the hike all the way back up the hill. Shortly after I made it back up to the top G was crying because she was too cold. I know that that is a horrible feeling. So her daddy started carrying her back through the DEEP snow toward the house and I went for one more ride. I would have loved to make the trip down a dozen times but my baby girl was upset and I was worried. We got her in and warmed up with some hot coco w/ marshmallows. And where was Jackson this whole time?...He was sitting on a sled EATING snow. Glove full after glove full. His face was a Popsicle and he loved it. Maybe we will get to do it again before it warms up since I am sure we will have this snow till June.

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