Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rant and Rave

My Rant for the day is that it is nearly impossible to grocery shop in the snow! It is like an obstacle course entering and exiting my home. You must be careful not to slip on the icy step and be watchful of falling icicles. Then trudge down the path that has been cleared, but still not clear. Sink into the snow and get your pants wet and your not so practical for winter shoes full of snow. Finally you make it to the car and you don't want to touch it because it is so dirty from the salt and muddy melted snow. This is all before you make it to the store. Once you arrive you have to drive through the maze of snow plies as high at the Wal*mart roof. Once you have completed your shopping you must push your kart through the icy/snowy parking lot and unload in the chilly windy weather. Once you arrive back home you must walk through the previously stated obstacle course to get the groceries in. ugh!!!!!

Rave!!!! The Sun is Out!!!!!!!! So amazing to have streams of light flooding your home. You can stand next to a window and feel the warmth on your face. If there was not 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground it might actually look warm outside. I just want to slip into a short sleeve shirt and soak in a few rays and maybe get some vitamin D. I am also very excited because I heard that we might hit 50 degrees over the weekend. Can you believe it?! It hasn't been 50 since....Who can remember that far back. Maybe November was the last time it was that warm. (who would have thought this FL girl would ever say 50 is warm). God is good all the time. And I know this snow has been for His glory and I will praise Him for ALL He has made.

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