Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

History lesson

I think my daughter missed out on the last part of a history lesson.
We were in the car and we had a friend and her son following us in their car. J asked "why is D (we will call the son D) sitting in the backseat?" I told him that it was for his own safety and that that is why he sits in the backseat too. G added to my answer with "Brother, kids and colored people sit in the back." She was so matter of fact about it.
I was in shock!!!
She learned that in the past "colored" people were forced to sit in the back while we were on a train ride in FL. We actually sat in the "colored" car. I guess we forgot to tell her that this is no longer true. However we did communicate that it was not right and that it was people's sinful hearts that made them make these rules. I spent the car ride explaining the "end" to that history lesson.

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