Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Her Dress!

I LOVED watching the Royal Wedding this morning. G and I didn't get up in time to watch the entire thing together but we did get to enjoy the recessional and we saw the Kiss on the balcony. I think she thought it was really neat to see a girl become a princess (or duchess) right before her eyes just like in a fairytale.
I LOVED Kate's dress! It was so classy and so appropriate. I would have worn it had it existed. I don't personally know Kate (shocking) but she seems so sweet, genuine and classy. So I think her dress matched her personality!
I know my wedding doesn't compare on a grandure scale with the Royal wedding that occurred today, but don't we all just feel like a princess on our wedding day. I am thankful for my Prince that God "gifted" me. He is my best friend and my spiritual head. I am so thankful for my Prince Charming!

One sad fact, Kate and William have dated longer than I have even known Hubby.
Will and Kate's status: Married today.
Hubby and my status: Married for almost 7 years, and have almost 3 children.
(Thankful I had a man who knew I was what he wanted, and didn't wait. Waite Corie doesn't rhyme anyway.)

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