Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Up from the ground He arose.

Just thought I would share a cute Easter Story. My kids have been watching the animated version of "The Passion" for the last week. It is a constant question, "can we watch the Jesus movie." I have indulged partly because I want them to know the story inside and out, but also I have zero energy being 9 months preggers.
While I was cooking dinner a few nights ago I could hear my kids playing in the living room. G and J were acting out the movie. I peeked in and saw G laying prostrate and weeping saying "Sir, if you took His body, just tell me where you have laid Him." Then she instructed J to say, "Mary it is I"
I love them and I love that they are learning the story and I long for the day that it is not just head knowledge but heart knowledge!
I hope you all had a blessed Resurrection Sunday!j
(P.S. My Easter dress was thrifted for $6.00 and it is Vera Wang for Target. It isn't maternity but it worked!)

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