Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bike Plate

Our church had a Bike Rodeo in the Fall and the kids had a blast. G has never been able to ride her bike @ our home due to uneven, or unpaved, or too busy roads. So she was set free in the church parking lot and improved her skills greatly. She is a lot more willing to ride than I ever was. I think I was around 9 before I learned to ride a bike. To those that say you never forget how to ride a bike have not seem me in action as an adult. I possess NO biking skills.
The kids made a little craft while we were there and thought I would share the idea. It is simple, and cheap! Maybe it is something you could do to get the kids excited about warmer temps. coming soon. Happy Crafting!

Supplies for a Bike Plate:
Index cards
Hole Punch
Markers or Crayons


Give index card, crayons, markers, sticker to kids and let them design what they want their bike plate to look like. Lots of kids wrote their names, other did pictures, some wrote scripture. When kiddos are done decorating, punch 2 holes at the top corners, Use yarn to tie to the bike. My kids both put their plates in the front of their bikes. Others put them in the back like a licence plate. Easy Peasy!

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