Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ladies Retreat

I am so looking forward to our Ladies Retreat, this Saturday. I hear our Speaker is John Piper. He was fabulous last year. (it is by video) Along with the Bible study we have a ladies tea. We encourage all of the ladies to wear hats and bring their favorite tea cup. I have been making "hats" for some of the ladies today. I really just embellish headband with flowers, feathers and tulle. I think then turned out well and will post picture when they are on the ladies pretty little heads. G has a hat to wear and gloves as well. She has picked out the dress she wants to wear and it is not really tea appropriate but I am going to let her do it anyway. It is a Princess Belle dress that is glittered and floor length. She will think she is the cat's meow. Can't wait to post pics of our day.

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