Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miss Julie Abinginger

I am blown away by this little girls imagination everyday. She of course immitates life in her play, but she comes up with things I have never heard.
This morning she was pretending she recieved mail from a friend. She opens up the (pretend) letter and says, "I can't believe that Julie Abinginger wrote me this letter."
Me- "Who is Miss Julie Abinginger?"
G- "I don't know, who is Miss Julie Abinginger?"
Me- "I don't know, who is she?"
G- "You tell me who she is mom?"
Me- "You made her up, how would I know who she is?"
G- "You know her mom, tell me."
I gave up at that point and continued to listen to the letter from our dear friend Miss Julie Abinginger. She apparently misses us bunches and wants to see us soon.

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  1. what is it with her and all these names she come up with? it's hilarious!