Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A post just for my Sister!

Do you have sudden urges to wear rain hats? Well my sister in law who is very young and vibrant, longs to wear one when it is not so nice outside. She became fimilar with them during one of her "themed parties" she loves to throw. The theme was 80's not as in the decade but as in 80 year olds. We are crazy I know. But we all had a great time. She looked great! She wore an "old ladies" rain hat. In the days following the party the weather was not so nice outside. It was very windy and rainy on our shopping trip and she expressed her desire to wear her rain hat. I STRONGLY discouraged her. I probably made fun of her a bit and the conversation was dropped. However, she wasn't kidding. She REALLY wants to wear one. She makes me laugh! I love her dearly! And if she did wear one I would openly make fun of her.
HOWEVER, I have found a "semi" cool solution. I wasn't searching for it but ran across this on a thrifting/refashioning blog. They are rain hats made from old umbrellas.

I think SHE could pull this off. I am not ready to tie one around my neck until I am closer to my 70's and I have to pay to set my hair weekly. But I might not make fun of her as much if the rain hat was this cute!
So here is to you my Sister I can't wait to post a picture of you in one of these.
(I am a gracious sister in law, I didn't post the pics from the 80's party)

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  1. Oh my goodness! You are so funny! This is so cute. It won't be long now....