Mountain Mama!

Mountain Mama!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I am convinced.

G has had a weird bump/rash/cyst/thingy on her foot for months. Her pediatrician is a member of our church so I have taken advantage of that and asked him several times to look at it. He was very gracious and looked at it for me. He was not sure what it was. At first it was a cyst like bump about the size of a m&m on the top of her foot. He said to keep an eye on it for changes. I did, and change it did. About a month later it flattened out. I had him look again. He said he still wasn't concerned and still wasn't sure what it was but that I could go to a dermatologist if I wanted to. But he said he would still just keep an eye on it for changes. It didn't look like an infection or anything to cause alarm. I am a CRAZY worrier and a weird bump under my kids skin is cause for alarm to me. I am thinking it is cancer and it is spreading. I am crazy I know. I kept my eye on it and another change happened. Another bump formed, Ahhh! What is it?! Now it is flattened out with a lot of little bumps inside and the skin is a little discolored.
When I got G out of the bath last night she told me it was hurting her a little bit (WORRY BEGINS AGAIN).
Then, the answer popped in my head. I had a word come to my mind that I hadn't heard since I was 10 years old. When I was 10 I had a weird brown patch of bumps on my leg. Good old Dr. Hall told my mom, "It's Granuloma Annulare". Why did that pop in my head? I am not sure why, but I had Hubby google it. The first image we saw was EXACTLY what G's looks like. I am convinced this is what she has. Looking at the info on it is a common skin condition that will clear on it's own. Of course there were some dramatic cases that scare you to death

but G's is not bad at all. I am still going to keep my eye on it and vow to STOP worrying.
I am also going to give my diagnosis to my pediatrician and see what he thinks. Maybe, he can research for me more than WebMD.


  1. I had a spot on my ankle when I was about 6 yrs old that looked just like this. Dr said it was Ringworm and gave me meds for it.
    And that "dramatic" picture you show has officially freaked me out. I will most assuredly have nightmares! =)

  2. It's not ringworm. I have had the ped. look at it numerous times. If you google the images they all have a ringed appearance because it is like the the cyst spreads out and flattens out and forms almost a ring. Amy I really think you should google it, you would be reminde of the good old days when we would email each other freaky things like knee pit tumors!